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Broad Vision. Dedicated Staff. Great Students. Great Value.

Our goal is to produce graduates of great repute and relevance to the world.

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Welcome to Laspotech School of Pure and Applied Sciences

Where We Build Your Visions

With hearty cheers, we welcome you to our school where we help and assist students to become scientifically relevant in the society and economically useful in the community. Happy Surfing!

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Principal Officers

Dr. Oluremi N. Olaleye


Looking for a school with great reputation and outstanding record? Laspotech is your destination, apply now

Mr Olumide Metilelu

Deputy Rector, Academics

Laspotech is known for achieving high level of academical excellence and producing highly rated and tutored students of relevance in the society

Our Expert Team

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Dr. Sikiru A. Adegoke

Deputy Rector, Administrations

Mr. Shakirudeen A. Bello


Mr Maumoh J. Jinadu


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